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Minutes of committee meetings

Mousehold South Allotments and Leisure Gardeners Association

Mousehold South Allotment Association
2015 Annual General Meeting
Held in Silver Road Baptist Church, Norwich.
Monday 16th November at 7.00 pm

Those present;
Ken Mason - Chairman
Peter Shackleton - Treasurer
Thea Abbott - Secretary
Marion Brooks, Tim Coombs, Jenny Kang, Michael Lansdell, Pauline Morris, Bryan
Parker, Richard Parsons, Charlie White.
Apologies for absence: June Croll, David Edwards

1) The minutes of the 2014 AGM

were agreed (proposed Peter Shackleton, seconded
Michael Lansdell), and there were no matters arising.

2) Chair’s Report:

a) Ken moved a vote of thanks to the committee, and recognised the work done
by the committee. He particularly thanked Michael Lansdell for his work as Coordinator
for the mini-plots – his resignation will leave a big gap and leave plotholders
with more responsibilty for Plot 43 as a whole. He also thanked Pauline
Morris for her work on Plot 43 and for making it so welcoming, and Bryan
Parker for his hard work preparing and cooking for the annual BBQ and Fiona
Muller for her posters for Plot 43 and the Food-bank plot.
b) The BBQ was very successful with over 20 people attending. The spring walkabout
had also been popular with members.
c) The bulk purchase of manure had helped many plot holders and could be
repeated. More members should collect their own manure – rather than expect
‘delivery’ by Peter and Ken! We should provide free manure for the Food-bank
d) The provision of a skip to get rid of on-site rubbish had been difficult, but it was
good to have chance to clear material from unused plots. Matt Hewes had been
grateful for members’ help.
e) The Council’s provision of a plot to grow things for the Norwich Foodbank
needs a few more volunteers to give an occasional hour, or even half an hour to
this very worthwhile, and much appreciated cause. Anyone may use tools from
the shed on Plot 43 if they want to do work on the plot, Michael asked if people
would please clean them after use and return them tidily. Any donations of
plants, seeds, manure or leafmould would be welcome (let Michael know if you
can help).

3) Treasurer’s Report:

a) Peter presented the annual accounts (attached herewith). He drew attention to
the small loss from the sale of manure and recommended a repeat purchase
this year. The Association held a balance of £414.60 (after all creditors had
been paid). The accounts were unanimously agreed (Proposed by Micahel
Lansdell, seconded by Richard Parsons)
b) There had been little progress since the last AGM in regularising access to the
bank account (held at the Co-op Bank, despite a great deal of time and effort
being expended in trying to arrange new signatories. Peter tabled a two part
resolution –
In relation to Coo-operative Bank Community DirectPlus Account (Sort code
0089299, Account number 6538293 this AGM resolves to:
1. Remove Georgina Moles and Karen Michael as signatories (both being no
longer members of the organisation).
2. Add as signatories Ken Mason (Chair) and Thea Abbott (Secretary).
3. Retain Peter Shackleton (Treasurer) as signatory.
4. Make the Treasurer’s address, 17 Cintra Road, Norwich, NR1 4AE, the
bank correspondence address.
And to authorise the Treasurer and other officers to complete such relevant
documentation as required by the Co-operative Bank to enact this.
In the event that these actions cannot be reasonably carried out (in the officers’
judgement) the officers may seek the signature of either Georgina Moles or Karen
Michael on on one cheque to withdraw all funds from the above account and
establish alternative banking arrangements with these funds.
The resolution was approved unanimously (Proposed by Michael Lansdell,
seconded by Richard Parsons).
c) It was recommended and agreed that the annual subscription should remain at
£5.00 per year.

4) Allotment Liaison Committee:

Thea Abbott gave a brief report of a meeting of the recent Site Representatives
Meeting she had attended. Matters of interest to Mousehold South were:
a) Skips would be available on request in February/March.
b) The Council will be working to improve the Allotment pages on their web-site.
c) Matt Hewes would welcome suggestions for the use of any budget underspend
to be tabled at the next meeting.
d) Site reps contact details should be clearly displayed on the Notice-board in a
standardised form.
e) Matt is considering sanctions for tenants who have frequent notices to improve.
Perhaps complimentary letters should go to tenants with very well managed
f) The current situation regardin plot use at Mousehold South, is as follows:
i) Number of plot vacancies 0
ii) People on the waiting list 22
iii) Plots on offer Plot numbers 29a, 40b, 42c
iv) Pending vacancy Plot number 52
v) Number of plots on notice 8

5) Election of Officers:

a) There being no new nominations the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary were reelected.
(Proposed Thea Abbott, seconded Tim Coombs)
b) Thea will approach Fiona to ask if she would be prpared to become Events Coordinator.
c) Peter will combine his work as Treasurer with becoming Membership Secretary
d) Pauline Morris offered to take over as Mini-plots Co-ordinator (with Michael’s
help and guidance).

6) Mini-plots report:

a) There are currently 2 mini-plots vacant both need some repair, Jenny Kang will
view them.
b) There was a need for a working party dates to re-inforce the bank between
Plots 43 and 44. Plot-holders had been asked to maintain the paths adjoining
their own paths but this was not always successful. Suggested date
c) Norwich in Bloom had awarded a Shield to Charles White and commended Rob
for his plot. There had been another gift of bulbs for spring colour from Norwich
in Bloom.
d) Radio Norfolk and the Evening News had featured articles about the mini-plots
in the last year.
e) Michael thanked everyone for their support, especially Pauline and Charles.

7) Bulk purchases:

It was agreed that we should again purchase bullock-manure and offer it to plot
holders. Peter and Ken particularly called for help with distribution. Tim will order
two loads. The price will remain as last year £2.50 for members, £3.00 for nonmembers.
Thea will send out an email asking for orders.

8) Future events and meetings - 2016:

a) Christmas event – members to meet for a New Year drink at The Duke of
Wellington on Waterloo Road on Monday 18
th January at 8.00pm.
b) Informal seed swap – Saturday 17
th April, 10.00.
c) Walk-about – Sunday 26
th June, 2.00 – 4.30.
d) Barbecue – Sunday 4
th September, 1.00- 3.00.
e) AGM - Monday 14
th November at 7.00pm at Silver Road Baptist Church.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.30pm.

Mousehold South Allotment Association
2014 Annual General Meeting
Held in Community Room, Don Pratt Court, Norwich.
Monday 17th November at 7.00 pm

Those present;
Ken Mason - Chairman
Peter Shackleton - Treasurer
Thea Abbott - Secretary
Avril Suddaby, Charlie White, Michael Lansdell, Fiona Muller, June Croll, Tony Bryant,
Kevin Boynton.
Apologies for absence: Bryan Parker, David Edwards, Richard Parsons.

1) The minutes of the 2013 AGM

and the meeting held on Tuesday 26th February
2013, were agreed and there were no matters arising.

2) Chair’s Report:

a) Ken moved a vote of thanks to the committee, and recognised the work done
by the secretary in particular. He also asked to record the Association’s thanks
to John Stork (who has resigned from the Association) for all his support and
hard work on the site of the mini-plots. He asked that the good example of
Derek Bond should be recognised, not just for his plot management but his
friendship, kindness and support to other plot-holders at Mousehold South. It
was a matter of extreme regret that he had been targetted in the last year by
someone with a grudge.
b) The seed-swap held in March 2013 was a success though more plot holders
could have taken part. The June walk-about was the highlight of the year, with
members and other plot-holders enjoying the opportunity to learn from other
people’s growing methods.
c) Because so many people were away, the barbecue had been cancelled.
d) The two working party sessions to rebuild the mini-plots and create a compost
area had gone well, and Ken thanked those who had taken part.
e) The donations of produce from Mousehold South to the Norwich Foodbank had
been much appreciated and generous letters of thanks had been received. It
was intended that Plot 27 (now vacant) should be used specifically for growing
produce for the Foodbank. Ken was prepared to give time to the project and
would welcome help from other members who might be able to spare some
time. The Foodbank was very appreciative of any fresh produce. Michael’s
help with the delivery and collection of produce was acknowledged.

3) Treasurer’s Report:

a) Peter presented the annual accounts (attached herewith). He drew attention to
the small profit from the sale of manure and recommended a repeat purchase
this year. The costs of the work on the mini-plots appeared in this year’s
accounts while the grant received to fund them had appeared in last year’s
accounts, which explains the apparent imbalance between income and
expenditure. The Association holds a current balance of £408.01
b) It was a matter of urgency to regularise the signatories to the Association bank
account, but before that could be done the old signatories (who were no longer
members of the Association) had to agree to have their names removed. Peter
said he would try to contact them, but that it might prove difficult. It was agreed
that the Treasurer, Chair and Secretary of the Association should be signatories
to the bank account.
c) It was recommended that the annual subscription remain at £5.00 per year.

4) Report on behalf of Norwich City Council (given by Michael Lansdell):

a) Seven plot-holders have been given notice to quit following the autumn
inspection round, there are currently 9 vacant plots at Mousehold South and 29
people on the waiting list for plots.
b) The waiting-list for plots is shortening and Matt Hewes asks if people would try
to recruit people who would like to take a plot in the city. He could help with
funds to print leaflets if we felt that appropriate.
c) The Council recognise that the track needs maintenance, and though there are
no funds avaialble for major work it should be possible to do some levelling and
compacting in the next few weeks. Thea to email Matt asking him to go ahead
but to give some notice so that we can warn members that access by car and
parking will be restricted while the work is going on.
d) There is a vacancy for a Site Representative; Rob (Plot 45A) who is not an
Association member has expressed interest. Michael will confirm with him, if he
is unwilling to take on the role then Fiona Muller will do so.
e) The Council will hold a series of Tenants’ Spring Events (as last year) and
Michael appealed for as many plot-holders as possible to welcome potential
new plot-holders and introduce them to the community of Mousehold South.

5) Election of Officers:

a) There being no contest for postions it was proposed that the following be
appointed -
i) Ken Mason – Chair.
ii) Fiona Muller – Vice Chair.
iii) Peter Shackleton – Treasurer.
iv) Thea Abbott – Secretary. Thea gave notice that this would be her final year
as secretary and Tim Coombs said that he would be prepared to take ove
next year if the Association wished.

6) Mini-plots report:

a) Michael Lansdell said that he would be prepared to continue with the
administration and management of the mini-plots but would like to review the
situation later in the year since he had at last been allocated a plot of his own
(Plot 26).
b) There are currently 6 mini-plots vacant, any suggestions of people who might
take them over would be welcome.
c) There was a need for several working party dates to maintain pathways and to
re-inforce the bank between Plots 43 and 44. Plot-holders had been asked to
maintain the paths adjoining their own paths but this was not always successful.
d) We should consider the provision of a Port-a-loo on the plot if that is at all
e) Mousehold South again won awards (Rob and Charlie) in the Grow Your Own
section of Norwich in Bloom. There had been a gift of bulbs for spring colour
from Norwich in Bloom.
f) Radio Norfolk and the Evening News had featured articles about the mini-plots
in the last year.
g) Michael thanked everyone for their support.

7) Bulk purchases:

a) It was agreed that we should again purchase bullock-manure and offer it to plot
holders. Peter and Ken particularly called for help with distribution. Tim will
order two loads. Sharon has agreed that it can be delivered to the area in front
of her plot (23B). The price will remain as last year. Thea will send out an
email asking for orders.
b) No other bulk purchases were thought practicable.

8) Future events:

a) Seed swap – Saturday 28th March, 10.00 – 12.00
b) Walk-about – Sunday 28
th June, 2.00 – 4.30
c) Barbecue – Saturday 5
th September, 1.00- 3.00 (to be confirmed later in the
d) Christmas event – members to meet for a New Year drink at The Duke of
Wellington on Waterloo Road on Monday 12
th January at 7.00pm.

9) Any other business:

a) The spate of malicious crime affecting individual plot-holders and communal
facilities which had occurred in June had abated. It was regretted that Derek
had been so unkindly targetted. The police have reported to Matt Hewes, but
no one has been charged.
b) Michael pointed out that the new Allotment Rules were in part designed to deal
with criminal activity.
10) Dates of future meetings:
a) Ordinary meeting - Monday 2
nd March at 7.00pm at Don Pratt Court.
b) AGM - Monday 16
th November at 7.00pm at Don Pratt Court.
The meeting closed at 8.10pm.

Minutes of the Meeting held in Community Room, Don Pratt Court, Norwich.
Tuesday 26th February 2013 at 7.00 pm

Those present:
Ken Mason - Chairman
David Edwards - Vice-chairman
Peter Shackleton - Treasurer
Thea Abbott - Secretary
June Croll, Sharon Monksfield, John Stork, Avril Suddaby, Louise and Neil McDonald

Apologies for absence: Anne Ferreday

1. Minutes of the last meeting. The minutes were agreed, there were no matters arising.

2. Matters arising from the AGM. Bryan Parker reminded the meeting that John Stork, Gary Watts and Fiona had volunteered to liaise with new plot holders. Thea will pass on the names to Matt Hewes so that he can advise them of new plotholders.

3. Treasurer's Report.
a) Peter reported that the Association held funds of £400, but that there would be outgoings of £2 per member as the Association subscription to the National Association of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners.
b) There are 23 members of the Association. Thea to send Peter the latest membership list as an Excel spreadsheet.
c) There are still 4 bags of concentrated fertiliser in the shed, available at £6.00 per bag. One bag has “gone missing”. Bryan, Thea and David, June and Ken each asked to take one bag.
d) There is still some manure available. June would like 1 bag, Louise and Sharon would like 1 barrow-load and John will take 2 barrow-loads.
e) When future bulk purchases are planned members will be invited to pre-order, so that we do not have to hold stock.

4. Plot vacancies and re-allocation of mini-plots.
a) Matt Hewes reported as follows:
i) 100% of the 80 plots are either let or on offer. Five of those on offer are still to be accepted.
ii) Over the last three months there have been three terminations (average number of terminations per year - 14).
iii) There are 10 plots on notice; half of those are on second notice.

b) Peter reported that all mini-plot holders had continued into the current year, except Tracie Weekes and her father who would be clearing their plots by mid-March. (Thea to check with Matt about Tracie's tenancy of 16a).
c) Sharon asked if Matt could advertise mini-plot vacancies to people on the main waiting list. But the vacant plots have already been earmarked for two people who have been on our own waiting list.
d) Peter to check ownership of items which are stored in the shed.

5. Possible bulk purchases.
a) Louise may be able to source a regular supply of horse-manure. It will be fresh and members will have to store it while it rots down.
b) Sharon and several other people would be interested in a supply of seed-compost. The committee will investigate the possibility of buying in quantity at a discount.
c) Greenwaste supplied by the council three years ago had been profitable for the Association; but many members had found it too strong for some crops, and recommended that if we bought it again we should advise members on the best way to apply it i.e. spread thinly and work in rather than use as a mulch.
d) The concentrated manure we bought last year proved expensive and slow to sell, probably not to be repeated this year.

6. Working parties.
a) Matt Hewes has offered a new notice board. The existing board will be removed and repositioned on Plot 43 (John has offered to repair the board before it is re-sited. Thea will check with Matt Hewes to get a date for delivery and siting of the new board, and let John know when the Council will be on site.
b) On Saturday 2nd March a group of members will meet, between 11.00 and 12.30) to clear brambles etc from the parking area at the top of the hill above Plot 43. David will bring his strimmer, please bring gloves, secateurs, clippers etc etc.

7. Future events.
a) Seed-swap - Saturday, 30th March, 10.30 - 12.30.
b) Walk around - Saturday, 30th June, 2.30pm. Meet at the shed on Plot 43.
c) Barbecue - Sunday 8th September, 2.00 - 4.00
d) Other suggestions included a Quiz Evening and an informal group visit to the Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail, if it is open this year.

8. Date of next meeting. The AGM will be held on Tuesday 12th November 2013 at 7.00pm, in the Community Room at Don Pratt Court. (Thea to book room).
9. Any other business.
a) June reported that the Council had been very helpful when she found that her name had never been entered on the waiting list. They had agreed to backdate her application and she was now number 11 on the list.
b) Thea asked if any members might be able to help clear the eucalyptus logs and chippings. The working party on Saturday will look at the plots and see what can be done.
c) Bryan had brought packets of seeds to the meeting - part of an advance seed-swap. Members were grateful to choose seeds and make a contribution towards Association funds.
d) Ken passed on his thanks to Peter and Thea for their work as Treasurer and Secretary, and especially to Bryan for his patience, diplomacy and energy during his time as Chairman of the Association.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.

Mousehold South Allotment Association
2012 Annual General Meeting

Held in Community Room, Don Pratt Court, Norwich.
Monday 29th October at 7.00 pm

Those present;
Bryan Parker - Chairman
Peter Shackleton - Treasurer
Moyra Wilson - Secretary

Thea Abbott, Kevin Boynton, Tim Coombs, June Croll, Ken Mason, Sharon Monksfield, Fiona Muller, Richard Parsons, John Stork, Avril Suddaby, Gary Watts, Charles White, Trevor Windscheffel.

In attendance: Matt Hewes, Allotments Officer, Norwich City Council

Apologies for absence: from: David Edwards, Michael Lansdell

1. Minutes of the last AGM were agreed and signed.

2. Chairman's Report
Bryan Parker said that after 2 years as Chair he had decided to stand down. He had enjoyed his time as our Chair and expressed his thanks to Ken Mason, Peter Shackleton, Moyra Wilson and Ann Wornwell (previous secretary) for their support during his time in office. He also thanked Michael Lansdell for the wonderful job he had done in co-ordinating plot 43, and John Stork for his work in putting in guttering for the water collection system from the Association shed roof.

He hoped the new Chair would continue to lead the Association forward, and that a co-ordinator would be appointed to work with the Allotment Officer and to help new plot-holders find their way around the site and to settle in. He reminded plot-holders that it was important to keep boundary hedges trimmed where they were encroaching onto common areas (paths, parking places etc).

Looking back over the past year Bryan was sorry that some social events had either not taken place or had been poorly attended. He advised taking care to avoid clashes with other major events in the city when choosing dates.

3. Treasurer's Report
Peter Shackleton started by thanking Bryan for the huge amount of work he had done during his time in office, sometimes at great personal cost. His time as Head-Chef at the barbecues was particularly generous and much appreciated. He also called for a vote of thanks for the outgoing secretary, Moyra Wilson, for her work for the Association. Bryan presented Moyra with a gift of a blueberry bush and a card.

A copy of the year's accounts was circulated (attached with these minutes). Income came from membership fees, sales of fertiliser and key deposits; expenses included social events, water butt and drainage and purchase of fertiliser for re-sale. Peter explained that the situation was not as bad as it looked - a net loss of £58.00, since there were still 5 bags of manure available to members at a price of £6 per bag and income was due for sale of the manure which was purchased earlier this month.

Peter drew members' attention to the fact that although the accounts indicated that 5 bags of fertiliser remained unsold, there were only 4 bags stored in the shed. He asked members who thought that they might not have paid for a bag they had used to contact him as soon as possible.

There was a healthy balance in the bank account - £254.00.

Peter moved that the annual subscription should remain £5.00 per member, seconded by Bryan Parker and passed unanimously.

4. Election of Officers. The following nominations were received -
Chair - Ken Mason
Vice-chair - David Edwards
Treasurer - Peter Shackleton
Secretary - Thea Abbott

There being no other nominations the posts were confirmed by those present.

Peter moved that the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary should be signatories for the Association bank account. He will notify the bank of the new names.

5. Site representatives / co-ordinators

John Stork and Gary Watts were nominated as site co-ordinators, who would welcome new plot-holders and liaise with the Allotment Officer to show potential plot-holders around the site. Fiona Muller also expressed interest in the role.

It was decided that it was too soon to elect representatives to the suggested Federation of Allotment Sites which the Allotment Officer was keen to establish.

6. Mini-plots
Plot 43 has been a success during the last year, all bed-holders have worked hard and the site was well maintained and productive. Peter Shackleton will email all the plot holders inviting them to carry on.

Someone had taken 3 beds and then didn't use them, a new applicant was waiting to take them over. A warning had been issued to one member of the Association who seemed to be using beds registered in her father's name, the bed-holder has not been seen on site. The plot-holder has been warned that although she can help her father manage his beds, things need to be clarified by mid-November. She and her father have been invited to meet Peter on site to clarify the matter. If things cannot be resolved than the beds will be taken back and allocated to someone else.

Fiona Muller reminded the meeting that all emails about Plot 43 go to her address, since that was the address given on the initial publicity inviting applications.

Peter recommended changing the combination number on the shed lock, since it seemed that tools and other items belonging either to the Association or to bed-holders were missing. Charlie White said that he had lost a hoe from the shed a fortnight ago.

7. Dates for Association diary -

Tuesday 18th December starting from 7.00pm - Christmas Social
at the Robin Hood on. The Robin Hood will be asked to provide a finger buffet as they did last year.

Tuesday 26th February at 7.00pm - Meeting of the Association in the Community Room at Don Pratt Court.

Tuesday 29th October at 7.00pm - 2013 Annual General Meeting in the Community Room at Don Pratt Court.

Dates for other events will be agreed at the next meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Mousehold South Allotment Association

Minutes of Meeting on 6th February 2012

(unfortunately the Community Room was double-booked and we had to adjourn to the pub)


Bryan Parker Chairman

Peter Shackleton Treasurer

Ken Mason Vice Chair

Moyra Wilson Secretary

Tim Coombs

Fiona Muller

Belinda Davison

Simon Winter

Richard Parsons

John Stork

Kevin Boynton

1. Apologies for absence:

Jos Harris, Matt Couchman

  1. Minutes of AGM agreed and signed.

  1. Stop-cock repairs

The 2 taps near plot 11 and plot 5 have been repaired and the stop-cocks are now above ground.

  1. Compost order.

Last year we ordered 33 bags of organic chicken fertiliser (fibrous, not pellets) and have decided to go ahead with the same amount this year. If anyone would like to reserve some then please let me or Bryan know. The cost to members is £6 per 15 kilo bag and this will be £7 to non-members. We don't have a delivery date yet, but John has kindly agreed to have them delivered to his garage and then will bring them up to the allotment where we can pay for them. This is a great cost and we get them delivered for free!

  1. Ideas for further events

We already have the dates for the seed/plant swap, walkabout and barbeque and discussed anything else we are interested in for the coming year. Suggestions were made including a trip to Fairhaven gardens and a pre-arranged tour of David Barker's organic and byodynamic scheme at Wolterton. I will contact David and get an idea of possible dates and any costs.

  1. AOB

Mini-plots. Peter is designing a map of plots and will send a copy to all mini-plot holders. We have a few possible vacant plots and an enquirer who is interested in 2. Fiona will ask them to email Peter. Please could anyone who hasn't yet paid try to do so before the end of February. We have 3 free pallets and hope to make a new compost area.

Shed/water butts. We now have 3 water butts for the shed and need to buy some fixings. John will decide what we need and send Peter a list. It would be great if we had some volunteers to help John install them.

Main gate. I will ask the council to fix the main gate as one of the posts has sunk resulting in difficulties closing it properly. Moyra to contact Maggie Finck.

New Allotment holders. We've noticed a few new faces on the allotments, so please make them welcome and encourage them to join - you're welcome to pass on my email. I will put up a poster sharing the benefits of being a member.

Next meeting, date tbc.

Mousehold South Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Association

Minutes of meeting held on 21.2.2011
Community Room, Don Pratt Court, Mousehold St

Those present:
Bryan Parker (Chairman)
Peter Shackleton:(Treasurer)
Roger Jacomb (Vice- Chair)
Ann Wornell (Secretary)
Tim Coombs Fiona Cooper Rachel Harrison Richard Parsons John Stork Ken Mason June Croll Sharon Monksfield Marlene and Trevor Windsheffel (Don Pratt Crt)

Apologies for absence: Jos Harris, Avril Suddaby, Thea Abbott, Michael Lansdale.

Minutes of previous meeting read and agreed.

Officers Reports:
Peter gave a brief account of our finances.
Bank Account
It was also agreed that Ann and Bryan now need to be the signatories for the Association along with Peter

Association Plot No 43
All the mini plots subs have now paid except one, so Peter was going to ring the person involved. We have 2 more people interested in becoming members and taking on the plot.
It was agreed that a working party to shore up the boundary between plot s 43 and 44 was needed . Bryan, Peter, Richard & John offered to do this It was suggested that some strong poles(scaffolding type) and corrugated iron be used., also rubble will be needed to back fill. .The work will take place on 19/20th March. Peter is going to let Maggie the Allotment Officer know when the work is taking place. Michael Lansdale has suggested an 8 x 6 greenhouse be put onto Plot 43, a discussion as to where would be the most favorable place to site it. The area where the cars sometimes park was deemed best, so that we keep the area in front of the shed for social gatherings, ie: planned barbeque, in summer. .

Programme of events 2011

March 19 working party to do re-enforce boundary between Plot 44..
April 10th 12-3pm Seed Swop
May 23rd 7.00 Association meeting at Community Hall, Don Pratt Court, Mousehold St
May or June Weekend trip to Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail date to be decided
June 26th Open Evening walkabout to chat to other allotment holders
September 3rd Barbeque on Plot 43 from 2 - 6pm

Bryan suggested we speak to Maggie about a Mentoring Service for new allotment holders (if they should want it)
A discussion as to how to improve the numbers of people in the Association took place. It was agreed to put more notices on the Notice board, ie: Programme of Events.
Meeting closed 8.45pm
Date of next meeting 7.00pm Monday 23rd May, 2011. Meeting to be held in Community Room, Don Pratt Court

Mousehold South Allotment Association. AGM
held at Community Room, Don Pratt Court. at 6.30 on Monday 22nd November, 2010.

Those present
Peter Shackleton (Treasurer), Thea Abbott (Vice Chair), Tim Coombs, Richard Parsons, John Stork, Roger Jacomb, Fiona Cooper, Bryan Parker, Moira Wilson, June Croll, Ann Wornell
Maggie Finck(Norwich City Council)

1. Apologies: Jos Harris, Michael Lansdall, Sharon Monksfield, Georgina Moles, Karen Michael,Rachel Harrison, David van Edwards
2. Minutes of previous AGM on 23.1.2009 read and agreed.
3. Minutes of Commitee Meeting 18.10.2010 read and agreed
4. Officers Reports. Due to the Chair and Secretary being absent as they have stepped down. Peter Shackleton (Treasurer) presented his report. This acknowledged the year's achievements:

  • The formation of the Association
  • Membership rising to 31
  • Creation and use of website (David)
  • The Council giving us tenancy of Plot 43, an unworked, overgrown plot with derelict shed.
  • Obtaining a grant of £1000 for the plot renovation and use at a community forum voting on projects (Karen & Georgina)
  • Demolishing the old shed, repairing foundation base and walls (mainly Andy) and building a substantial new shed (John Stork)
  • Levelling the site and creating raised beds (overseen by Georgina who organised TNG a work experience organisation for labour and arranged all materials)
  • Allocation of miniplots to 6 individuals and two community groups (thanks to Fiona's press release)
  • Ongoing improvement of the Association plot (Michael Landsdell and miniplot holders)
  • Supply and sale of compost (arranged and organised by Georgina)
  • Two social events on the Association plot organised predominantly by Karen and Georgina which raised funds and our profile
  • Norwich in Bloom Award for the Association plot's community use.
  • All achieved well within budget as the Assciation has funds of approxiamately £120.
All present acknowledged the huge contribution of the outgoing Secretary - Georgina and Chair- Karen without whom the Association would not of have been formed, the grant obtained, the plot transformed nor any of the other achievements have been possible. In addition to their enormous time contribution many expenses relating to transport, communication, stationary and refreshments had also been given. In addition to the vote of thanks at the previous meeting, everyone was anxious to ensure Geargina and Karen knew of our appreciation.

5. Peter then gave his Treasurers report. The attached accounts were unanimously agreed. We have a healthy balance of £119.88.
6. Election of Officers
The following were elected unanimously
  • Chairman: Bryn Parker
  • Vice Chair: Roger Jacomb
  • Secretary: Ann Wornell
  • Treasurer: Peter Shackleton
7. Bank Mandate. It was agreed that Bryan and Ann as new officers will join Peter as bank signatories etc replacing outgoing officers.
8. Subscriptions, NALGO affiliation, insurance.It was agreed the annual subscriptions should be £5.00 per person of which £2 goes for our Affiliation fee to NALGO which we agreed to continue. The cost of Public Liability Ins. is likely to be £70 per annum via NALGO and it was agreed this will be taken out in January if the policy and premium meets our expectations.
9. Mini Plot allocations. It was agreed that the present holders of the Mini plots would continue for another year.
10.Boundary issues with Plot 44. It was discussed and agreed that a workng party would reinforce the side that joins to plot 44. with corrugated iron to stop the possibility of any subsidence once precise details had been agreed with the Allotment Officer (Maggie) and other tenant.
11.Future Programme including Committee Meeting frequency.
It was agreed that the Committee would meet 3 monthly at Don Pratt Court. next meeting will be 7.00 on Monday 21st February.
It was also discussed and agreed that an evening walk around to meet other allotment holders would be a good idea, plus another Barbeque was discussed and a lot of interest shown in a seed or cuttings swop. These and further ideas will be discussed further on 21st February. Fiona also offered to put together a newsletter which will be for and about the allotments. So we were fully in support of her doing this.
12.Communication with Members
This will be mainly by email and the website with the noticeboard also used and consideration given to members without internet access. The website will also be more widely used for communication about surplus plants, events etc. the address is .Maggie offered to print and post the projected newsletter to all Mousehold South tenants via a Council mailout.
13.Any Other Business: Water Butts and drainage for the shed were were suggested, members with any materials or ideas for these will bring them to the next meeting.
14.Next meeting 21st February 2011 @ 7.00 Community Hall, Don Pratt Court

Meeting closed 7.35 and after refreshments there then followed a really interesting talk by Martyn Davey, Horticultural Principal Easton College and gardening broadcaster Radio Norfolk: About how he was encouraged as a child with an interest in gardening, and his various jobs and work to bring him to his present place at Easton College: We then had a very interesting and informative question and answer session, where we were able to ask all sorts of things and get the advice of an expert.

Mousehold South Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Association
Annual Accounts 2009/10

Membership subs 139.00   
Compost sales 95.25   
Stakes/Trellis sales 5.50   
Social events 63.07    
Grant 1000.00   
Key Deposits 30.00    
Total 1332.82    
Domain name etc 10.00   
Shed & beds expenses 1098.49   
NSALG affiliation 46.10   
Compost purchase 28.50    
Keys 29.85   
Total 1212.94    
Net funds 119.88 Bank a/c119.88Per Co-op Bank a/c
   Cash 0.00  

Minutes of the meeting held on 18th October 2010

Don Pratt Community Rooms - Norwich

Present: John Stork, Richard Parsons, Peter Shackleton (Treasurer), Tim Coombs, Ann Wornell,

Apologies: Michael Landsdall, Jo & Ian Woolterton, Thea Abbot, Georgina Moles, Karen Michael, Jocelyne Harris

Peter chaired the meeting.

The minutes of the 6th September meeting were agreed.

There was a discussion of the email from Georgina and Karen informing members that they were stepping down with immediate effect as Secretary and Chair. There was a general acknowledgement of the immense contribution that they had both made in forming the Association, obtaining grant funds, organising work on the Association plot by TNG and members, arranging socials and the supply of compost for sale to members and for raising the Association’ profile. All of this had involved them contributing much time, effort and personal resources. There was a vote of thanks in recognition of their achievements and contribution and expressions of regret that they felt unable to continue.

Karen and Georgina would collect a Norwich in Bloom Award for the Association later that week.

Peter reported that there were currently funds of £127.13 at the bank and £9.00 in cash although there were likely to be some outstanding bills to settle.

The question of insurance had been carried over from the previous meeting, Peter explained that through the National Association, on current year prices, this would cost about £60-£70. The best deal ran for a calendar year and it was agreed that a decision on whether to take this out in January would be taken at the AGM.

Peter had met with Maggie Finck, the Council’s Allotment Officer, over the boundary issue. It had been agreed that there would be written agreement to the reinforcing work to be done so all parties were content but this was expected to involve corrugated iron sheets and metal posts much of which was already available. Peter would co-ordinate this and convene a working party when appropriate which should see an end to this issue.

The AGM was the next meeting on 22 November. The format was agreed to be a 6.30 start, business to conclude by 7.30 with refreshments followed by a guest speaker (Martin Davey from Easton College had been approached) at 8.00. Peter would follow this up and send out relevant communications. Ann would confirm the room availability etc.

There was a wide-ranging discussion of the future of the Association with the following points emerging:

  • If the Association folded the miniplot holders would lose their beds and the renovated plot and fine new shed would revert to the Council for letting as a normal plot - this must be avoided.

  • After the major projects of the first year a much less intensive second year was in prospect, with the administration of the Association plot and the building of membership and good relationships the only real necessities. There would probably be less need for frequent meetings

  • Accordingly the Officers for the coming year would not necessarily be taking on onerous roles but it was essential that posts were filled

  • Clearly if individuals wanted to stand and were keen to organise a wide range of activities that would be very welcome and it may be that members would have a range of suggestions for a future programme

  • The AGM would be the opportunity to see the likely shape of the coming year

  • David Van Edwards had offered to continue running the current website which would provide a very valuable communication channel

There was no other business

Date of the next meeting: AGM 22nd November Don Pratt Community Room at 6.30pm.

Minutes of the meeting held on 6th Sptember 2010

Don Pratt Community Rooms - Norwich

Present: John Stork., Richard Parsons, Georgina Moles, Peter Shackleton,Tim, Ann Wornell, Cadeux, Ken Mason, Bryan Parker, Michael Lansdell, Charlie, Jocelyne Harris, June Croll

Apologies: Sophia Edwards, Jo & Ian Woolterton, Fiona.

Karen Chaired the Meeting.

Karen gave brief resume of activities since we last met, recognising the plots had mostly all been let, Peter reminded us of the BBQ was a success with good weather and raised money for the amenity fund of £34.00.

Discussion around the kitting out of the shed with hardboard and insulation and making some benches for gardeners to work off. Michael felt a working party could be formed to do this. Peter brought forward the Treasurers Report to assist the discussion of finance for any work to be done on the Shed. Amenity funds stand at Bank balance of £52.53, Cash in Hand of £92..85, there are some expenses to be reconciled leaving an overall balance of approximately £80.00.

Members felt it was pretty essential to have a first aid kit in the shed, just in case,.members agreed to see if one could be provided without cost to the Association

Members also agreed to pursue Public Liability Insurance, Georgina and Peter agreed to put this in hand.

Ann Wornell will check out the availability of the Community Room for future meetings and the AGM on the 22nd. Ann has since confirmed the Community Rooms are available to the Allotment Association with no charge.

The remaining three plots were allocated one each to June, Ann and Michael.

Discussion was initiated around submission of emails to the Allotment Association Members and Allotment Officer Maggie Finck, by Thea Abbot and David Edwards.The general consensus these should not have been sent with out prior discussion with the parties concerned. David has advised he will withdraw from future meetings, but would nevertheless be willing to host the website. Georgina felt this would be difficult as David and Thea have refused to discuss issues relating to their emails with the Officers, thereby by making commuication difficult. Georgina confirmed that she would be willing to on take the hosting of the website at no cost to the Association.

Date of AGM agreed for 22nd November, Michael will checkout to see if Martin Davey will be available to be guest speaker

Date of the next meeting: 18th October Don Pratt Community Room at 7.00pm.


Mousehold South Allotments and Leisure Gardeners Association

28th June 2010

Cottage Public House - Norwich

Present: Karen Michael – Chair, Georgina Moles (Secretary), Peter Shackleton (Treasurer), -- Committee Members, Richard, John, Fiona, Avril, Sharon

Apologies, from Ken, Thea, David,

  1. Karen opened the meeting,

  2. Minutes of 17th April meeting approved without amendment

  3. Georgina gave an up-to-date report of progress of raised beds and construction of shed. The work on both is now more or less completed. The meeting gave a unanimous vote of sincere thanks to John for his building of the shed, the cttee also empowered the Secretary to give a sincere vote of thanks to the TNG group for the tremendous effort they have made in levelling off the site and making the raised beds in the the five weeks they have been with us

  1. Mousehold South Allotment

Discussion was led by Peter around the raised beds with recognition that these are to be let in the main to individuals who are local and preferably are on the waiting list for an allotment on Mousehold South. The three larger raised beds will be retained for group community use. As the City Council are not able to advise the Association who is on the waiting for a MS allotment - the allotment Association will now develop its own application list together with terms and conditions for allocation of raised beds.

Fiona agreed to place advert (free) advising local community how and whereto apply for raised beds.

Peter agreed to draw up letting policy for raised beds. This will be sent Council for approval. Peter suggested and it was agreed to charge a rate of £3.00 for raised beds up until AGM when the full membership will be requested for the full year

  1. 22nd August Social afternoon - social afternoon BBQ? Sunday 22nd August –2-6.0.00 pm is scheduled. Have subsequently invited Ian Gibson, and Julie Brocietk -Coulton and both have accepted invitations to open the Mousehold South community Project. Which whilst we have thus far made excellent progress due to the combined efforts of all we now really have a completion date in mind of the 22nd August for the Grand Opening of the project.

Thea suggested it would be a worthwhile investment to hire 'Portaloo' for the event.

8. Bulk purchase of compost – has nearly been used, clearly a valued resource for Mousehold South Allotment and much has been used on the Association raised beds for the been over half used and clearly many plot-holders are valuing it as a resource.

    1. Treasurers Report, Peter gave treasures Report and we presently have a balance of £186.41

    2. Richard shared a letter from NCC re bird nesting following complaint re clearance of site during bird nesting period. NCC have subsequently changed procedures.

11. Richard advised the Allotment Association should pursue the question of insurance for raised bed holders and in the event of any one having an accident on the on the Association site whilst attending any event promoted by the Association.

Georgina said she would look into this and report back

Next meeting Monday July 26th Cottage Pub 7.00 pm

1st March 2010
Duke of Wellington Public House

Present: Karen Michael (Chair), Thea Abbot (Vice-chair), Georgina Moles (Secretary), Peter Shackleton (Treasurer), -- Committee Members Fiona Muller, Richard Parsons, Ken Mason. Emma Inns, Richard Parsons and John.

Karen opened the meeting welcoming all, there were apologies from David Edwards.

1.Chairpersons Report. Karen gave a concise summing of the the successful grant application for the £1000 and he expectation it will be with us early April. The committee passed a unanimous vote of thanks for Karen's successful presentation which has enable to the project to get off to a good start.
Discussion ensued around possible further grant application with acknowledgement that B&Q and Tesco were able to make grants for community activities

2.The website is up and running and we are grateful to David who continues to update the site and with all new information The meeting passed on to David our continuing thanks and gratitude for making this possible.

3.Mousehold South Allotment
Emma reported her allotment site which has a boundary adjacent to Mousehold Avenue, is continually littered with detritus from the general public throwing waste items over the fence, cans, bottles etc. Georgina advised she would contact Maggie Finck for advice

4.Asbestos. Georgina reported she had observed City Council had visited the site to collect asbestos as advised previously by the Council.

5.Grant applications; Agreed we should look at possible other avenues of community grant funding - i.e.e. Fiona thought B&Q maybe be s source of funds and Georgina mentioned tesco both can be pursued time allowing.

6.Bulk purchase Seen to be a bit late for the purchase of seed potatoes but is something we shall pursue a little more vigorously next year.

The following is the reply I received from Norfolk County Council re the purchase of compost

You can buy over ten bags from any of Norfolk's Recycling Centres provided they have enough on site. Each 40 litre bag costs £3.50.
Alternatively there are two sites I can suggest near Norwich where you can buy compost in bulk, either by the bag or by the tonne.
TMA Bark Supplies
Mill Farm Bungalow
Mill Street Elsing
NR20 3EQ
Tel. 01362 638441
Mayton Wood Landfill Site
Little Hautbois Road
NR12 7JX
Tel. 01603 278039

 I would advise contacting the site prior to visiting to check prices and opening times.
 If you would like any further information please don't hesitate to contact me.
 Kind regards,
 Jess King
Recycling Centre Inspector
T. 01603 638060

Agreed to invite Maggie Finck to next Association Management meeting, 12th April 2010.

7.Open meeting 27th March 11-3 to bring together all on Mousehold South – to recruit members who may be interested in assisting with the renovation of Shed with ideas on how to proceed. Rock cakes scones biscuits all gratefully received. We should be able to provide hot drinks etc.

8.Social afternoon - social afternoon BBQ? Sunday 22nd August –2-6.0.00 pm is scheduled
9.Treasurers Report, Peter reported the documentation for the Bank Account is completed. Mousehold South now has its own bank account.

10.No other business was brought forward.

11.Next meeting March 12th April - Duke of Wellington 7.00 pm

Bulk purchase of Compost – delivered mid March Frimstones transport delivered 15-20 tonne of green waste compost from Mayton Wood Landfill Site, recyclers of NCC green waste, cost of £100,00 shared equally between Georgina. Moles, Thea Abbot, Peter Shackleton, once cost recovered all surplus money to Association. Compost was provided free of charge.

11th January 2010
Duke of Wellington Public House
Present: Karen Michael (Chair), Georgina Moles (Secretary) Peter Shackleton, (Treasurer) -- Committee Members Fiona Muller, Richard Parsons, Ken Mason.

Karen opened the meeting welcoming all, there were apologies from Thea Abbott and David Edwards.

1. Chairpersons Report. Copies of Constitution, Minutes of Meeting 23rd November were circulated. Karen advised allocation of the Shed behind plots 41 and 42 which NCC have allowed the Association to become tenants of together with the small plot immediately in front of the Shed and the plot behind the s
2. Shed. Karen advised the website is up and running and wished to pass on to David Edwards our thanks and gratitude for making this possible in such an expeditious and easily accessible way. Peter advised that Association had reimbursed David for the domain name and reported back items pics and items interest can be sent onto David for inclusion on our website. David has indicated he most kindly disposed to upload items for us.

3. Mousehold South Allotment Consultation. Report back from Maggie Finck. Karen went through this and there was discussion around the points raised, foxes not seen to be worry, un-worked plots or some that were quite derelict and not worked are of concern especially as the site has a very large waiting list. It is hoped the Council will make every effort to ensure that plots are allocated expeditiously.

4. Asbestos. The site has asbestos contamination posing an extremely low health risk. The Council have made arrangements to remove it from the site 8th February 2010, this should take approximately 5 days to complete. We should all assist the Council in any way possible. Please communicate with Maggie Finck if you have asbestos on your plot and you may feel the Council is unaware of its presence.

5. Grant applications; agreed we should concentrate on submitting the Ideas Wanted application in the first instance as this is required to be submitted by the 18th of January. We agreed to submit a bid for the cost of renovating the shed and introducing 7+ communal raised beds on our allocated plot to be of a size 4ft x 6ft. These could be made available as an introduction allotment gardening for younger or perhaps other groups in the local community who would benefit from having access to this communal type facility. Fiona to put the wording together Georgina and Peter to put together bid for submission with as much detailed cost as possible. The 2nd Application to be made for the new financial year in April and to be discussed at next Allotment Meeting. Karen discussed possibilities of purchasing hedgerow plants which could be planted to cover gaps in security around the site. Richard suggested perhaps we should grow our own, agreed this we could and pursue when we have established facilities to do this. Fiona will check out other appropriate possible charitable organisations for funding.

6. Bulk purchase of seed potatoes and manure/compost Ken agreed he would look into the possibility seeing what terms Norfolk County Council would sell compost to our Association. Georgina agreed to check with Bob Whitworth re seed potatoes they may have for sale from his Association.

7. Standing Agenda items will be much as stated on Agenda for the 11th January meeting.

8. Agreed to invite Maggie Finck to future Association Management meeting, when to be determined. The committee were pleased with the support Maggie had given in assisting us in bringing the Allotment Association into being
9. Treasurers Report, Peter reported the documentation for the Bank Account is nearly completed, Georgina and Karen provided signatures to assist in completing documentation. Bank Account is required to make payment NASLG membership fees and in order to qualify us for making applications for grants. At the moment there is approximately 70£ available, approximately 30£ of which will go towards paying our NASLG fees.

10. No other new business was brought up.

11. Next meeting March 1st Duke of Wellington 7.00 pm

1st March 2010
Duke of Wellington Public House
Present: Karen Michael (Chair), Georgina Moles (Secretary) Peter Shackleton, (Treasurer) -- Committee Members Fiona Muller, Richard Parsons, Ken Mason.