Theorbo after Buechenberg

89cm & 170cm, 14 courses (6 x 2 + 8 x 1) after Matteo Buechenberg 1614 (V&A Museum No. 190-1882) 41 ribs; the original is in shaded yew and has diagonal chequerboard marquetry on the back of the neck and extension and ivory panelled lines on the fingerboard. A triple rose. Tuned in G or A, top two courses an octave lower. 10 frets.

This version is in Rio rosewood and has ebony and holly inlay on neck and extension. The rose is a composite from two other theorbos in the Cité de la Musique museum in Paris.

This is a substantial theorbo capable of holding its own in full ensemble for Monteverdi operas and, because of its 10 fret neck, it is also perfect for Kapsberger, Piccinini and other solo works.

Price, including original inlay: 6700
With this decoration: 5900

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Theorbo after Buechenberg Theorbo after Buechenberg
Theorbo after Buechenberg

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