86cm 10 fret Theorbo after Sellas

860mm & 1695mm, 14 courses (6 x 2 + 8 x 1) based on the 18 course theorbo by Sellas (Paris E 547) but strung with 14 courses in the normal way. 31 ribs of cypress, rosewood or yew with holly or ebony strips between, neck and extension veneered in ebony with holly edging. Triple rose and ebony and bone heart in soundboard. The crook type pegbox of the 18 course original can be copied as it is, or changed for the more normal Italian type. This is a useful instrument for a good sized theorbo with 10 frets to the neck which are often more convenient for playing the solo repertoire. .

These are photos of the original taken from the Paris website.

Price, including case: £5600
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Sellas Theorbo E.547 Sellas Theorbo E.547
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