Mousehold South Allotment Association

an association to help all the allotment holders in Mousehold South.

Moving to Facebook!

There is a new Facebook group for Mousehold South Allotment holders.

This seems like a more efficient means for us all to keep in contact with each other so this website is now closing apart from the following link to the Facebook group.

Now is the time to visit and join the group

The importance of allotments for bees

The first research to examine all types of land use in cities has identified pollinators’ favourite places and flowers, many of which are often considered weeds. A team of more than 50 people spent two years examining pollinators and plants in Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds and Reading.

The results enabled them to work out the best ways to support a rich mix of pollinator species that will be resilient to climate change and other challenges. The best strategy is increasing the number of allotments, the report says. Planting preferred flowers in gardens also helps, as does mowing grass in public parks less frequently, allowing flowers to bloom.

So you see we are doubly important and useful!

The rest of this interesting article from the Guardian can be read here