Double headed 12 Course Lute by Wolfgang Wolf.

12 Course lute 12 course lute
12 course lute

28a. 62cm, 68, 73, 78.5, & 86cm, 12 courses; after Wolfgang Wolf (Stadtmuseum, Füssen) 15 ribs; I measured this instrument in 2005, the original was made in the 16th century, probably as a six course and the beautifully done conversion was done circa 1640 by an unknown maker but one very skilled. It is in shaded yew with white lines between, the neck and curved pegboxes are ebonised sycamore with exquisite carving and decoration of stamped stars. The original has a green fabric lace round the soundboard which is probably because of wear on the original soundboard, as was the French fashion for converted instruments, but I would normally put an ebony half-edge round the soundboard. Tunings various but with the top course g' or f#'.

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