Mandora after Johannes Jauck

760 and 895 mm, 9 courses (1x1, 5x2 + 3x2); based on a very beautiful but little known Bohemian baroque mandora by Johannes Jauck 1746 (Bruxelles, Musée Instrumental No. 0251) The original has 9 courses of 694 and 834 mm and has a body of 11 ribs in figured sycamore with a simple long black neck with a typical Jauck style extended pegbox with cantilevered nut. It has a triple rose and a very specific style of bridge used by Jauck in his other lutes. This is a slightly larger version with a body in rosewood based on Edlinger but it has the same neck, bridge, rose, pegbox and general layout as the original.

This was specifically designed to be used for the “lute” part in Bach’s St. John Passion which, as Lynda Sayce has discovered, fits mandora tuning perfectly.

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Mandora after Jauck Mandora after Jauck
Mandora after Jauck side view
Mandora after Jauck bridge
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